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  • Ali Çimen

Being an Iranian and going nuclear...

We have been discussing the probability of Iran’s going nuclear for a long, but really long time. Well, right, no doubt that nobody will benefit an extra ‘Islamic bomb’ which would add to the existing ones of thousands. It even sounds more stupid than being disastrous. But on the other hand I, as a Turkish Muslim journalist, can easily say that I am definitely bored of hearing, writing and also in some cases voicing the argument of ‘America and Israel have nukes, why Iran has not?’ What we should do at this point is to consider ourselves as ‘an Iranian’ for a short time; in other words, to do some empathy with an average citizen from Tehran, Isfahan or Tabriz, no matter what his ideological stance is. And now just think that America is the only country that used atomic weapons on civilians despite the claims that Japan was already on the brink of total surrender just before the atomic tsunami. And they did this not once, but twice! If they are asked, they would probably say ‘we estimated that about one million American lives would be lost to invade Japan and instead we preferred 200 thousands Japanese…’ They may be right, which we could never make sure. Well, let’s keep thinking. Many Americans including the living members of the crew of Enola Gay never say ‘never again!’ when it comes to nuking. Well, what do they say then? ‘It was a right decision to make and we surely do the same if needed!’ And just here you inevitably remember hearing some ‘extremist’ American politicians saying ‘Let’s nuke Mecca!’ during the shocking moments of the climate caused by 9/11. Let’s keep thinking. You face a country, America that has been waging wars all around the globe since the very beginning of its foundation, no matter the reasons, from Korea to Vietnam to Panama etc. And the same America has first invaded Afghanistan, your eastern neighbor, and then Iraq, your western neighbor, where the number of the civilian casualties is nearing an incredible amount like 700 thousands! And now again the same America is constantly threatening your country, Iran, just because it does not like your regime or sees your country as a killjoy in an area where has a vital importance for its energy security. And it is doing this by putting your nuclear energy program forth, which was actually started at the time of Shah who was the biggest ally of Washington till the day he was toppled. And just in the mid of this vulgarizing and threatening language used with your country, you are noticing the gentle and cautious language Washington speaks with “Kim Dynasty in Pyongyang”, boasting boldly about his nuclear strike capability, whose most favorite hobby is to threat America whenever it can, in order to be able to sit him down on the six-party talks. Well what would you think of this case and do? Would you not say that ‘If Afghanistan and Iraq had nukes, they could not have been taken down so easily. North Korea has them, and Look how they are treated! Well why not we don’t?’ And now let’s ask without being an Iranian; why do we believe so easily America, which used atomic weapons twice and tested 1054 times, will not do the same though it never guarantees not to do so, and make so sure that Iran will be using its officially non-existing nukes though it continuously claims its nuclear program is just for peaceful purposes? Is something not wrong in this picture? Why do not we want to see this hypocritical world order allowing some of its ‘elite’ members to nuke others while not giving the right to those under threat to create a balance? Well, the biggest responsibility falls on the shoulders of EU, the most consistent (no need to say it is a bit fainthearted and shy as well) power block we have at the moment. Will we, as Europeans, speak up for the total abolition of all nukes of all ‘religions’ and ‘ideologies’ no matter what they say or keep becoming an instrument of the pressure put by those having nukes on them not having but do want?

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